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Registry of Chin

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Name Breeder
Ch. Chindales Tai-Ni Bubbles, ROM N/A
Ch. Chindales The First Won, DOD N/A
Ch. Chindales The Orient Express, ROM N/A
Ch. Chindales The Roadrunner, ROM N/A
Ch. Chindales Won For The Money, ROM N/A
Ch. Chintzu Yankees At Gayels, SOD N/A
Ch. Chisai Akai Kitsune Of Ur-Chin, ROM N/A
Chisai Bizzi Bodi, ROM N/A
Chisai Camas Petite Sarah, ROM N/A
Ch. Chisai Cracklin' Rose Of Camas, ROM N/A
Chisai Hasuka Hina, ROM N/A
Chisai Kinsha, ROM N/A
Chisai Lonesome Dove, ROM N/A
Chisai Miss B Haven, ROM N/A
Ch. Chisai Po-Jo, ROM N/A
Ch. Cin-Don Hilane Annabell Lee, ROM N/A
Classic Chinel By Hi-Lite, DOD N/A
Ch. Cover Girl Of Newjoy, ROM N/A
Ch. Cross Natsu-Gusa, DOD N/A
Cross Poppaea, ROM N/A
Ch. Cross' American Beauty, ROM N/A
Ch. Cross' Black Magic Of Avona, ROM N/A
Ch. Cross' Dozo, ROM N/A
Ch. Cross' Fantasy, ROM N/A
BISS/Ch. Cross' Genghis Khan, ROM N/A
BISS/Ch. Cross' Gitana, DOD N/A
Ch. Cross' Kairyu, ROM N/A
Ch. Cross' Knight Errant, SOD N/A
Ch. Cross' Loo Kei Mei, DOD N/A
Cross' Marihari, ROM N/A

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