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Registry of Chin

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Name Breeder
BISS/BIS/Ch. Eastwyck's Evil Doings, SOD N/A
Ch. Eaze As One Two Three, ROM N/A
Eaze's B-Witch-D, ROM N/A
Echodale Demi Tasse, ROM N/A
Ch. Echodale Forget Me Not, ROM N/A
Ch. Edy-Norm's Musume Fuyo, DOD N/A
Ch. Ellis' Skeeter Bug, ROM N/A
Ch. Elmac's Chi Chi De Mistalai, ROM N/A
Ch. Elmac's Gaijun De Jaro, ROM N/A
Ch. Elmac's Kiku De Mistalai, DOD N/A
BISS/Ch. Elmac's Kyoko De Jaro, ROM N/A
Ch. Elmac's Riko De Mistalai, ROM N/A
BISS/BIS/Ch. Elmac's Shogun De Mistalai, ROM N/A
Ch. Elmac's Takara De Mistalai, ROM N/A
Ch. Elmac's Tora Tora De Mistalai, ROM N/A
Especially Mi Ermatrude, ROM N/A
Especially Mi Marigold, DOD N/A
Ch. Estugo's Red Pepper, ROM N/A
BISS/Ch. Eye Witness To Tosaho, ROM N/A
Ch. Fairoak's Fantasy of J-Jim's, DOD N/A
Fairoak's No Nonsense, ROM N/A
Ch. Fairoak's Sei Mei Tu, ROM N/A
Fairoaks Su Chin Of Wildwood, ROM N/A
Fauntine Blondes Hav Mor Fun, ROM N/A
Ch. Fauntine Kimi Of Huang Kung, ROM N/A
Ch. Fauntine My Jack In The Box, ROM N/A
Ch. Fauntine Spellbound, ROM N/A
Ch. Fayaway Ali Khan, ROM N/A
Ch. Finchfield Fujisan, ROM N/A
Finchfield Geisha, ROM N/A

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