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Registry of Chin

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Name Breeder
Ch. Carousel No No Nannette, ROM N/A
Carousel Rainbow Of Junley, ROM N/A
Carousel's Felicia, ROM N/A
Ch. Carousel's Grand Slam, ROM N/A
Carousel's Patchwork Kwilt, ROM N/A
Ch. Carousel's Triple Play, ROM N/A
Carpenter's Princess Laketa, ROM N/A
Carpenter's Uwana Susu, ROM N/A
Cedar Knoll's Blanche, ROM N/A
Ch. Chacombe Kia, ROM N/A
Chanhoc's Chico N/A
Ch. Chanoyu Zuiun Sencha, ROM N/A
BIS/Ch. Charing Cross Chindiana Jones, ROM N/A
Ch. Charing Cross I Like Wenchin, ROM N/A
Charing Cross Rich 'N Famous, ROM N/A
Ch. Charmer Josho, ROM N/A
Ch. Charmer Surprise Package, SOD N/A
Ch. Chaseland's Armand' At Tanzen, ROM N/A
Ch. Chaselands Alexander Lee, SOD N/A
Ch. Chaselands Marvin Maloney, ROM N/A
Chaselands Tina Tracadero, ROM N/A
Chasse Celeste, ROM N/A
Chasse Pandora at Glendyke, ROM N/A
Ch. Checker-Board By Hi-Lite, ROM N/A
Ch. Cher's Fabulous Illusion, ROM N/A
Ch. Cher's Rapuzel Ying Ling, ROM N/A
Ch. Cherbo's Dante's Revenge, ROM N/A
Ch. Cherbo's Piper The Charmer, ROM N/A
Ch. Chesilton Yasumaro Of Bellocane, ROM N/A
Ch. Chic Cuppachinno Senhi, ROM N/A

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