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JCCA Committees

Below is a list of all the available committees. Please click on the name of a committee to display more information about it. For a complete list of members on the committee, please contact the chair member listed.

Chair: Cecilia Resnick

Each member club of the American Kennel Club exercises its voting privileges through a representative known as a delegate. The delegates form the legislative body of the AKC, making the rules and electing from their body the individuals who serve on AKC's Board of Directors.

The delegate represents the JCCA at the quarterly meetings of the AKC delegates. The delegate is expected to provide a timely report to the board after each quarterly meeting. The delegate is responsible for advising the board of: proposed amendments to the AKC bylaws or AKC rules, changes to legislation or policy that may affect Japanese Chin owners or the dog fancy in general, outcome of votes, and elections and appointments to the AKC Board of Directors. The delegate shall vote with the best interests of the JCCA and when applicable, seek voting instruction from the JCCA Board of Directors.

To better understand the roles and responsibilities of delegates, see "The Importance of Your AKC Delegate."

Chair: Vacant

The AKC Gazette breed columnist writes quarterly articles for publication in the AKC Gazette breed columns. The column is the club's opportunity to share educational information about the breed. The columnist should write about topics of interest to the Japanese Chin fancy at large as well as those of specific interest to judges and breeders. The columnist will either write the articles or solicit them from a guest columnist. Articles are expected to be a positive representation of the JCCA and the Japanese Chin and should not be used to promote a particular person or kennel. Articles must conform to the AKC Gazette guidelines and be submitted in time to meet the AKC Gazette deadlines. A copy of each quarterly article should be sent to the JCCA Board of Directors.

Chair:Lisa White
Jane Pearson

The Audit Committee's role is to provide checks and balances on the treasury of the Japanese Chin Club of America, to ensure the JCCA's continuing eligibility as a non-profit corporation, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the treasury by providing insight and recommendations to the Board as needed.

Audit Committee Guidelines

Chair: Diane Corkey

The chair of the Awards Committee is the official record keeper of Japanese Chin achievements. The chair checks AKC new title lists and Top Dog reports and maintains records necessary to determine the recipients of JCCA awards specified in the Awards Policy & Procedures.

Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Send certificates and medallions for new AKC titlists owned by JCCA members.
  • Upon owner's request and verification of qualification, send a certificate of merit for ROM, SOD, and DOD titles. Qualified dogs or bitches must be owned or co-owned by a JCCA member.
  • Responsible for the preparation of applicable certificates and engraved plaques for the annual presentation at the national specialty. The chair or someone they select to represent them will handle the presentation. They will mail the awards to those who could not attend the specialty.
  • Ensure local clubs are aware of the process to receive JCCA supported trophies for their specialties.
  • Provide awards and new titles to the JCCA webmaster and to the editor of the Chin Chit Chat for publication.

Awards Policy & Procedures

Chair:Kathleen Klennert

The Breeder Referral Committee maintains a list of breeders who are members in good standing with the JCCA and emails the list to individuals who request it. Members should contact the chair to be added to the list.

Breeder Referral Guidelines

Chair: Jane Pearson & Bill Schnarrenberger

The Education Committee is responsible for developing, reviewing, and presenting educational material to assist Japanese Chin breeders and conformation judges in understanding and appreciating the desired characteristics and attributes of the Japanese Chin based on the AKC breed standard. All information presented by the Education Committee must strictly adhere to the breed standard and should not be used to promote any individual dog or line.

Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Encourage breeders and judges to select Japanese Chin that possess the appearance, soundness, and temperament reflected in the breed standard.
  • Educate breeders and owners in the care and enjoyment of their Japanese Chin.
  • Coordinate a judge's education program for the specialty show each year.
  • Publicize scheduled judge's education programs and seminars.
  • Maintain a Breed Mentor program, comprised of board-approved breed mentors, to assist individuals aspiring to judge Japanese Chin
  • Maintain an education presentation to be used by Breed Mentors and Presenters at breed study programs and seminars.

Judges Education Committee Guidelines
Mentor/Presenter Guidelines

Chair: Jennifer Baumer
Members: None

The purpose of the Health Committee is to provide current information on health related issues and studies that may affect the Japanese Chin, to encourage participation in health testing, and to support research to improve the health of future generations of Chin.

Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Advise the membership of health related alerts and of scientific advances in health related issues.
  • Educate the membership on the importance of health testing. Tests include but are not limited to patellas, eyes, heart, and DNA testing for GM2 mutation.
  • Provide articles for the Chin Chit Chat and the JCCA newsletter about relevant health related issues that may affect the Japanese Chin.
  • Assist the Specialty Show Chair with coordinating and running health related seminars and clinics at the specialty.
  • Advise the board of grants to subsidize through the AKC Canine Health Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

Heath Committee Guidelines

Chair: Katherine Wheeler

Preserve the history of the Japanese Chin Club of America and the Japanese Chin breed in the United States. The historian will maintain and keep in good condition all materials of historical importance to the JCCA.

Chair: Kristen Gallagher

The Membership Committee processes new membership applications. Applications are sent to the committee chair. The committee verifies each application is complete and notifies the applicant of the approval process. If an application is incomplete, the chair will contact the applicant regarding the missing information. The applicant information gathered by the committee, along with their recommendation regarding the applicant, will be sent to the JCCA board in a monthly report. After the board accepts a candidate for membership, the chair will send a letter of welcome.

Membership Committee Guidelines

Chair: Judy Johnson

The Performance Events Committee promotes the performance abilities of the Japanese Chin by educating and supporting participation in agility, rally, obedience, and other titling venues.

Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Report performance results and achievements for publication in the Chin Chit Chit and the JCCA website.
  • Provide educational articles and other material pertaining to training, socialization, and behavior for publication in the Chin Chit Chit and the JCCA website.
  • Stay current on AKC companion and performance titling events and rule changes.
  • Help guide member interested in participating in performance events to the appropriate venues and resources.
  • Help the Specialty Show Chair organize and promote performance events when offered at a specialty.
  • Gather scores and titles earned in AKC performance events to determine yearly awards, including highest scoring performance awards and versatility awards.

Chair: Theresa Leatherwood

The Specialty Support Committee serves to aid Show Chairs for JCCA specialties by reviewing bids, ensuring bidders have the specialty guidelines, reviewing and helping negotiate contracts where needed, and overseeing completion of related AKC applications. In the event there are no specialty bids from members for a given year, the committee will present the bid. In the case a show chair resigns, the Specialty Support Committee will assume show responsibilities.

Guidelines for JCCA Specialties

Judge Selection Guidelines for Specialties

Chair: Ann Bushnell

The Sunshine Chair acts on the behalf of the JCCA membership in expressing sympathy, get well wishes, or cheer to club members who have lost a loved one, had surgery, or have required hospitalization for an illness.

Chair: Thelma Carlson

The committee makes recommendations and implements board-approved fundraising methods. This could encompass JCCA logo merchandise, specialty merchandise, auctions, raffles, and/or other fundraising activities.

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