Ch. Ber's Lady Of Cosmos
Registration Number: TC634263
Whelped: 1986-07-16
Breeder: William Redden & Glenn Gaddie
Ch. Carousel Cosmos Chotto Matte
Registration Number: TC891564
Whelped: 1987-10-29
Breeder: Sandra Lucchina & Ellen Hardy
Cosmos Never Ending Tail
Registration Number: TD313573
Whelped: 1989-08-01
Breeder: J & D Hager
Ch. Makami's Xanadu
Registration Number: TC949440
Whelped: 1988-06-24
Breeder: Mary Bransford
Touche's American Pie
Registration Number: TM71852402
Whelped: 1990-06-06
Breeder: B Atherton
BIS/Ch. Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo, SOD
Registration Number: TD220638
Whelped: 1989-06-26
Breeder: Rebecca Cook
Ch. Tosaho Japanna
Registration Number: TC780008
Whelped: 1987-02-01
Breeder: Tommi & Sandi Hooban
GB Ch./Ch. Magic Dragon Of Apoco Deodar, SOD
Registration Number: TB947100
Whelped: 1979-05-13
Breeder: Mrs. A. Faver
Ch. Marber's Kandoo The Rose
Registration Number: TB876500
Whelped: 1980-07-20
Breeder: Joanne Sciacca & Mark Berkel
Ch. Jadel's Chiisai Yama, ROM
Registration Number: TB756088
Whelped: 1979-09-23
Breeder: Donna Hensley
Amantra Shizuoka
Registration Number: TB952759
Whelped: 1980-08-08
Breeder: Mrs D & Miss T Fry
GB Ch./Ch. Magic Dragon Of Apoco Deodar, SOD
Registration Number: TB947100
Whelped: 1979-05-13
Breeder: Mrs. A. Faver
Ch. Chesilton Yasumaro Of Bellocane, ROM
Registration Number: TC164350
Whelped: 1979-07-29
Breeder: Mrs. A. L. Tiley
BISS/Ch. Aver-Hars Mikado Miki Toyo, SOD
Registration Number: TB946521
Whelped: 1981-05-25
Breeder: Averill & Harry Waterhouse
Ch. Cross' Tsu-Na-Mi Of O-Hi, ROM
Registration Number: TB737332
Whelped: 1979-08-31
Breeder: Catherine Cross
Ch. O-Hi's Kamikaze Of Bluemarc, ROM
Registration Number: TB729392
Whelped: 1979-10-17
Breeder: Beulah Munday
Tegalong's Pand-Monium
Registration Number: TD359968
Whelped: 1990-06-13
Breeder: J & D Hager
Ch. Tegalong's Special Export, SOD
Registration Number: TM66929701
Whelped: 1991-01-23
Breeder: Thaddeus E. Konwent
Touche's Sloe Gin Fizz, ROM
Registration Number: TM73380504
Whelped: 1991-07-17
Breeder: Dale Martenson
Ch. Tosaho Performing Art, ROM
Registration Number: TD026786
Whelped: 1988-09-05
Breeder: Tommi & Sandi Hooban
Ch. Marber's Tea Rose Kan
Registration Number: TC622501
Whelped: 1986-04-13
Breeder: Mark Berkel
Ch. Tosaho Marber Exzackly So, ROM
Registration Number: TC533140
Whelped: 1985-10-13
Breeder: Tommi & Sandi Hooban
Ch. Aver-Hars Chin Kara Toyo
Registration Number: TC496206
Whelped: 1985-08-16
Breeder: Averill Waterhouse
Ch. O-Hi's Taisetsu, ROM
Registration Number: TC027178
Whelped: 1982-05-29
Breeder: Terry & Audrey Root
Tegalong's Jenny-O' Chaseland
Registration Number: TN35783302
Whelped: 1996-01-17
Breeder: P Konwent
Ch. Touche's Chintendo
Registration Number: TN10139802
Whelped: 1994-03-01
Breeder: Dale Martenson & Mary Tews
Ch. Shi Wang Jasmin Flower, ROM
Registration Number: TD223457
Whelped: 1989-04-18
Breeder: James & Irene Eadie
BISS/BIS/Ch. Chindales Tai A Little Knot, SOD
Registration Number: TD273104
Whelped: 1989-12-14
Breeder: Dale & Vincent Adams
Chaselands Agador Alexander
Registration Number: TN81278101
Whelped: 1998-06-26
Breeder: Chad Howard
Ch. Shi Wang Ching Lee, ROM
Registration Number: TM94333801
Whelped: 1993-01-02
Breeder: James & Irene Eadie
Ch. Chaselands Alexander Lee, SOD
Registration Number: TP28999701
Whelped: 2001-11-30
Breeder: Chad Howard
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