Touche's Kirklea Wild Orchid
Registration Number: TN15769104
Whelped: 1994-08-04
Breeder: Dale Martenson
BISS/Ch. Touche's Prince Genji
Registration Number: TN26284604
Whelped: 1995-07-01
Breeder: Dale Martenson & Mary Tews
Ch. Shannon's Private Dancer, ROM
Registration Number: TM97823802
Whelped: 1993-05-20
Breeder: Rosa Lee Yokopenic
BISS/Ch. Touche's Eccentriq At Chic, ROM
Registration Number: TN78499002
Whelped: 1998-11-04
Breeder: Dale Martenson & Deborah Jo Shott
Ch. Touche's T. Caddis, DOD
Registration Number: TN69491101
Whelped: 1998-03-20
Breeder: Walter Still
BISS/BIS/Ch. Touches Envy Me At Shomei, SOD
Registration Number: TN57682401
Whelped: 1997-07-30
Breeder: Dale Martenson
Ch. Touche's It Will Cost U Dear, ROM
Registration Number: TN68633701
Whelped: 1998-01-19
Breeder: Jane Martenson
Ch. Touche's Tennessee Birdwalk, SOD
Registration Number: TN51000101
Whelped: 1997-03-10
Breeder: Jane Martenson
Ch. Beedoc's Peach Jam
Registration Number: TC832174
Whelped: 1987-11-22
Breeder: Bruna Stubblefield
Ch. Shannon's Bust 'N Loose
Registration Number: TC804027
Whelped: 1987-03-03
Breeder: Rosa Yokopenic
Ch. Bluemarcs Honi Of Marijoes
Registration Number: TM68376501
Whelped: 1991-03-03
Breeder: Mary Kesterson
Beedoc's Indigo And Snow, ROM
Registration Number: TD365225
Whelped: 1990-06-25
Breeder: Bruna Stubblefield
Paula of Amantra
Registration Number: KCL6592101M01
Whelped: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Ranella Dillon
Registration Number: KCSB4008BX
Whelped: 1987-01-08
Breeder: Unknown
Amantra Ine
Registration Number: KCQ4631702Q03
Whelped: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Ranella David
Registration Number: KCSB1677CA
Whelped: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Touche's Wind In The Willows
Registration Number: TN76494801
Whelped: 1998-07-13
Breeder: Laura Rencher & Dale Martenson
Ch. Shannon'hanamichi Marimataski
Registration Number: TP08737803
Whelped: 2000-09-26
Breeder: Rosa Yokopenic
Ch. Touche's T. O'Mandy, ROM
Registration Number: TP02053805
Whelped: 2000-03-16
Breeder: Dale Martenson & Walter Still
Ch. Touche's Time Goes By, ROM
Registration Number: TN84638903
Whelped: 1999-03-15
Breeder: Jane Martenson
Ch. Shannon's Ruby Of Langcroft
Registration Number: TM94999102
Whelped: 1993-02-17
Breeder: Rosa Yokopenic & Della McDaniel
Ch. Langcroft Indian Summer
Registration Number: TN35085501
Whelped: 1996-01-11
Breeder: Harold and Marie Langseth & Beulah Munday
Ranella Delilah Amantra
Registration Number: KCQ5313302Q04
Whelped: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Amantra Dan Juro
Registration Number: KCS3503201S03
Whelped: Unknown
Breeder: Unknown
Touche's Pink Carnachin, ROM
Registration Number: TR00378001
Whelped: 2002-01-07
Breeder: Laura Rencher & Dale Martenson
Ch. Touche N Cece Time N A Half, SOD
Registration Number: TP25799001
Whelped: 2001-10-31
Breeder: Pat Still & Jane Martenson & Gina Merriman
Ch. Langcroft Chinda Of Chintzu
Registration Number: TN55119202
Whelped: 1997-04-15
Breeder: Harold & Marie Langseth
NZ Ch./GB Ch./Ch. Amantra Onokumi, ROM
Registration Number: TN92606001
Whelped: 1994-06-09
Breeder: D Fry & T Jackson
Ch. Cam's Moment In Time, ROM
Registration Number: TR28441402
Whelped: 2004-06-29
Breeder: Cindy Allen
Ch. Chintzu Yankees At Gayels, SOD
Registration Number: TP14120001
Whelped: 2001-02-03
Breeder: Herb & Ann Cole
Ch. Touche's Live In The Moment
Registration Number: TR82405402
Whelped: 2008-10-18
Breeder: Richard J Wilson & Dale R Martenson
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