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Presidents Message

September 2018

Greetings, as fall approaches I hope the heat waves of this past summer that impacted many of you are finally subsiding.

The 2018 Specialties in Pomona, CA last May are in the books, and I'm pleased to say that they went quite well. A huge "thank you" to Michelle Mixon and her entire Show Committee. Well done! I would be remiss if I failed to also acknowledge Del Gonzalez and Sheila Balter for their outstanding efforts to solicit really nice auction items and pulling off some top notch auctions enjoyed by all.

Diane Corkey and her team are well underway planning the 2019 Specialties to be held September 18 and 19 at Purina Farms. At the Annual General Membership Meeting in May, Donna McCord volunteered to chair the 2021 Specialties also at Purina Farms. We are still soliciting bids and sites for 2020, so, please, if you are thinking about chairing the shows or simply want the National in your area, consider submitting a bid to the board. Specific guidelines for bid submission can be found on the club's website or you are welcome to contact the board.

As we did have a quorum at the National, the membership present made a pair of motions that have been acted upon or were already in place. First, a motion was made and approved to have a sustained minimum balance of $1,000 held over from specialty to Specialty to be used as seed money for the National and Parent Club Specialties. This type of separate account had already been established by new Treasurer Theresa Leatherwood and has since been funded.

Second, a motion was made and approved to form a Bylaw Committee to review attendance requirements of board members at meetings. The Committee very recently submitted their recommendation, and the board subsequently approved a modified version. The resultant bylaws addition will go out for membership vote once reviewed and approved to move forward by the AKC.

Thank you all who attended the specialties in May, contributing to their success. And, congratulations to all the winners!

I hope we have a protracted, mild fall enabling everyone to enjoy their dogs at home and competitive events before winter settles in.

Jeff White

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