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Presidents Message

April 27, 2020

Dear Membership,

Thank you for nominating myself as president of the JCCA. I consider it an honor to serve in the memberships bests interests. I ran on a platform for change and I am now asking for membership input so feel free to contact myself or the JCCA Board with questions and concerns. I also ask for all members to contact with committee's you feel you might serve on. I really would love to see every member contributing to our great JCCA.

At this time trophy donations for the National and Parent Club are almost filled so hurry! Please do not forget the general trophy fund as well as donating to our Top Twenty Competition! Lastly we are always in search of unique and fabulous raffle donations! We may have missed 2020 national so let us make 2021 a celebratChin.

Stay Safe and Stay Well
Kathleen Sepulveda
JCCA President

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