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Presidents Message

May 2018

Spring is finally here – a long-awaited arrival for those of you living in the Midwest and East. As I write this, the Parent Club and National specialties are but a few days away, and I await them with great anticipation. Good luck to all who will make the journey to Southern California – safe travels. A big "thank you" goes out to Show Chair Michelle Mixon and her entire Show Committee!

Speaking of specialties, I would like to share with the membership a dilemma that the club narrowly averted. At last year's Annual General Membership meeting at Purina Farms, a motion was made, and subsequently approved, to hold our specialties at Purina Farms in 2019, 2021, and 2023 in conjunction with the fall Gateway Cluster in September. We had a very experienced member in Donna Stoffer who volunteered to chair the 2019 shows but was available only in the spring due to a prior commitment in the fall. Until just a few days ago, no one else had offered to chair the 2019 specialties despite repeated solicitations. So, we seemed to be faced having shows with a Show Chair at the May Gateway Cluster or moving forward with the September shows without a Show Chair. This decision would have ultimately been up to the membership and addressed by a vote.

Fortunately for the club, this decision is no longer necessary, since Diane Corkey has now volunteered to chair 2019 in the fall with Sharon Scott as her Assistant Show Chair. Thank you, ladies! I also want to thank Donna Stoffer who graciously offered to chair 2019. All of these folks "stepped up to the plate" when needed.

Let's face it, the tangible benefits of membership are primarily limited to the Chin Chit Chat, the Newsletter, and our specialty shows and supported entries. Without more people getting actively involved, activities like holding specialties become jeopardized. I cannot stress enough the importance of volunteering and participating in the business of the club. It is vital to its well-being and will always be welcomed and appreciated!

We still need a bid and a Show Chair for 2020 as well as a Show Chair for 2021 at Purina Farms. Optimally, bids should be received at least two years in advance.

Jeff White, President

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